Bally Chohan: Your mother lies when she actually told you something about laundry

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Your mother is actually of old time so she is not actually aware of traditional methods used now days. Its quiet simple if your cloth get stains or if it shrink, culprit is none other than machine. Sorry mom at this time you are actually not wrong but even you are not right as the methods of laundry that you know are quiet outdated.

Some of the laundry tips by Bally Chohan are given below:

Try to have more detergents:

Now a day’s washing machines have sensors with the help of which they actually adjust the water level. Detergents should be used as per the load of clothes. If you ever try to use more detergent in case of less load then what? It would be quiet typical to remove their residues from cloth and your clothes seems to be quiet dull.

Get you dark clothes much darker with coffee:

Whether you believe or not coffee actually used as a die and if you add small amount of coffee to washer then your dark clothes get much darker. Restrict yourself of putting greater quantity as you are not actually preparing a tea in washer.

Use hair spray that may help to remove stains of ink:

Do you know hair spray is actually made from which material?? Its alcohol and with the help of alcohols you can easily get rid of ink stains.

Dry cleaning is actually dry??

In dry cleaning water is not taken into consideration but other that it actually uses some other materials like tetrahloroethene or perchloroethylene.



Bally Chohan: Stay away from toxic laundry detergents

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Does anybody thinks of that laundry detergent we use to keep our clothes clean, that smells really nice and even remove stains from our clothes can be toxic and can even harm our child. These detergents under brand name use toxic things like petrol, carcinogens and other harmful substances that threaten our lives.

According to scientific research carried by Bally Chohan Laundry experts it had been proved that these detergents can even cause dreadful diseases like cancer and can even more toxic to the nervous system as well as brain. The chemical that these detergents contain is also responsible for hormonal misbalance in body.

If by mistaken child has intake these detergents then what harm do they cause:

  • Coughing
  • Child might not be able to breathe well
  • Mouth, throat may be get soar
  • Breathing tube would be swelled out
  • Respiratory problem

So if you want that your child would not face these symptoms it’s better to keep detergents out of reach because they are not mature enough to know what they have to eat and what not. It would be a candy for them nothing more than that.

If child had sprinkle out these detergents on his/her eyes it would be a problem for parents. If parents won’t be able to handle this situation then they can make a call to poison center.





Bally Chohan: LED light reveals the truth of laundry

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As per Bally Chohan laundry experts get to know certain facts of laundry , With the light of LED get to know that clothes washed in laundry are not that much white that they even look. The most common type of led that various detergents might contain is ultraviolet one that basically make the cloth look much whiter than ever before.

FWA basically stands for fluorescent whitening agent that various detergents might use on the large scale that basically re-emits the blue wavelength by absorbing ultraviolet light. This blue color basically covers the yellowish part of the cloth and you just see something that you want to see. You would get completely satisfy with the whiteness.

If you have ever taken black light rave into consideration you would get to know about the action as well as functioning of LED. so all you guys remove certain myths from your mind that you wear clean clothes with complete whiteness but they are actually not you are just not aware of the truth or we can say you are running out of truth.

In ultraviolet spectrum you will find that LED emits very less light so if you want to see all action with your open eyes it would be pity impossible.

According to different research it this field clothes with different concentration of FWA are compared along with their whiteness.


Bally Chohan: How is vinegar helpful in laundry?

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Vinegar serves different tasks and even much more helpful in laundry. Vinegar is use to remove dirty stains from clothes that may be nearly impossible to any other detergent. Keep one thing in your mind that excessive use of vinegar may even gave negative effect on your clothes therefore it should be used in limits.

Bally Chohan Laundry experts list out several uses of vinegar in laundry:

Help in removal of grease:

Removal of grease from clothes is somewhat impossible but it can be possible with the help of vinegar. Take a toothbrush and dip that toothbrush in vinegar that may help to remove grease stains from clothes.

Stain of mustard:

Stains of mustard are basically impossible to be washed out. But now it could be possible if you dip your stained cloth in vinegar thereafter you can use detergents.

Provide bright color to fabrics:

If you want your clothes clean, clear and even brighter then you can add half cup of vinegar to your washer.

Your clothes won’t cling:

If you add half a cup of vinegar into wash cycle then you find clothes wont tangled into each other.

Get away foul smell from your clothes:

If you add small amount of white vinegar to your washer you will find that foul smell would go miles away and you will get clean clothes with awesome odor.

Residue of soap can also be easily removed by using vinegar.





Bally Chohan: Laundry service over Smartphone

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Get further better options at Bally Chohan Laundry as now you can use smart application for cleaning. In today’s busy schedule where neither one can clean his/her clothes themselves not they have that much of spare time that for washing they have to visit laundry premises.

Bally Chohan had provided best opportunity to the people that might saves their time as well as provide them ease.

How this smart app works:

  • By using smart app people has to do nothing but just has to install smart app for cleaning thereafter set the time of laundry along with the type of laundry facility they want to avail and how to wash clothes.
  • Our laundry person would knock out at your door on the very same time that you have mentioned earlier. Give your bag of dirty clothes to him.
  • You will get back your clean, clear and stainless clothes within 24 hours
  • Prices of laundry would be affordable starting from$1.24 per pound for washing as well as folding your clothes.

It is something like that dream of people came true as their time wastage is lowered now as well as they get home delivery within 24 hours.

People are availing this facility on large-scale and they find this option of using cleaning app within Smartphone as best.


Bally Chohan: How can you make laundry detergents further better?

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You can use certain natural chemicals or we can say natural substances in order to enhance the capability of detergents or in order to make them further better. If you spent a large amount of money on detergents even then if you won’t get better results and if you find that even after washing your clothes would be as dirtier as they are before. So it doesn’t make any sense.

Bally Chohan Laundry experts will tell you several ways that will definitely enhance the quality of detergents:


If you find rust stain on any of your cloth you can pour lemon juice into washer but in limits which means only 1 cup.

Baking soda:

If you want that your clothes may look nice and clean enough then you can use half cup of baking soda with detergents and get whiter and brighter clothes. This may typically increase the level of bleach so there would be no need to use more bleaching powder.


You can add mouthwash to your washer that may remove stains from your socks that may contain foul smell and may have certain fungi and bacteria.


If you add a cup of vinegar in your washer then you may get complete whiteness that to be from certain stains.

Various benefits of vinegar:

Kills bacteria

Clothes might smell nice and even look soft

Provide complete whiteness

Static free clothes

Brighten your clothes


Bally Chohan: Arrangement of Laundry by colors

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Proper arrangement of clothes according to their color is the foremost thing that to be done in laundry. You don’t have to put dark color cloth with the light one. You must keep 2 or 3 baskets with you in order to have proper arrangement of clothes

 Try to follow these many steps provided by Bally Chohan Laundry Experts:

  • Try to put all of your dirty clothes on floor or on bed as you feel comfortable
  • Take 3 bags and try to put white color clothes in one bag, light color clothes in another bag while dark color clothes in third one.
  • Try to put different color clothes in different machine and don’t forget to carry your detergents, bleaching powder etc with you.
  • Before putting your clothes in washer, try to treat these stains with detergents before.
  • Detergent should be added according to the cloth of cloth and as per their fabric.

White color clothes: detergent and bleach should be used along with hot water.

Light color clothes: temperature should be adjusted as per the label on fabric. They can either be treated in hot water or cold water.

Dark color clothes: there may be chances o0f fading in black or dark colors so it’s better to treat them under cold water.

  • Adjust the time of washer
  • Take a look of clothes and get to know whether stains had been removed or they are still present. If they are still visible on your clothes then put your clothes back in washer otherwise remove them.
  • Put your clean clothes in dryer.
  • Dark color clothes should be dried at medium or high temperature while white color clothes should be dried at high temperature same as with white color clothes.

Bally Chohan: How to remove stains of ink from clothes


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bally chohan

Complicated thing for a mother or a wife is to remove ink strains from the cloth of her child or husband. She face these type of stains everyday but not getting any solution but Bally Chohan Laundry Experts may provide you tips in order to remove these kind of stains from fabric.

Ink stains can be of many kinds whether it would be ink pen stains, ball pen stains as well as stains from permanent highlighter. It would be a nightmare to remove stains of permanent ink from clothes.

How to remove stains of ink from fabric by Bally Chohan Laundry experts:

Water-ink stains:

Try to put a clean cloth or towel beneath stained one and apply water to the stained area. You will see tt ink moving towards that clean cloth or towel. Now, try to apply some detergent and leave it for few minutes. After that wash it with a hot water. Stains would go somewhere else and you won’t be able to see them .but it can be possible that they won’t remove permanently from your clothes so try to perform these many steps again.

Stains from permanent marker:

It would be nightmare to remove stains of permanent ink from clothes except bleaching. Follow these points and you will be able to make stain dull if not be able to remove that permanently. Perform the same steps as before but this time try to use alcohol.

Other thing that you can try if alcohol not works is nail polish remover but there may be chances that it may damage fabric. Follow the previous steps with nail polish remover.

Last but not the least you can try with acetone but try not to use acetone on acetate and rayon clothes otherwise it may damage the fabric.

Ball pen stains:

If we are saying that ink stains can be removed but it would be a nightmare to remove stains of permanent marker. If taking about removing ball pen stains then it lie in between both of them.

You can use alcohol or nail polish remover or simple hot water.


Bally Chohan: Appropriate techniques to do laundry

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You all might think that laundry is left hand task of yours. You have to do nothing just use the appropriate machines in a proper manner and get your clothes washed within minutes. But one most important thing you don’t know is  that even a single mistake in this procedure can hand your clothes to the dustbin as they might not in the condition that you can use them.

Keep in mind certain things in order to have proper laundry by Bally Chohan Laundry experts:

Don’t ever increase the load of washer:

If you knowingly increase the load of washer just to save your time then remember one thing that you are just increasing the load and don’t alloying it to work properly that may in turn won’t be able to move and your clothes would not be washed well and you get dirty clothes as that of before.

Proper quantity of detergents:

Use the proper quantity of detergents and remove one thing from your mind that if you use more detergents then only you would get extra whiteness it should be not like that. But your clothes get dirtier because of the buildup

Cold water:

Remove one thing from your mind that while mixing light clothes with the dark one does not have any negative impact on clothes. Whether you have bright color cloth since many years don’t you dare to take a step to mix it with white one. If you think it to be a foolish then enjoy the effect yourself.

For soft and fluffy towels:

White vinegar with fabric softener can be used in order to wash towels.

Laundry can’t be right or wrong:

You can do laundry twice a day or as many times as you want it may also decrease the load of another day.



Bally Chohan: What type of detergent to be used in laundry??

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Foremost thing that is required for laundry is detergent .people usually underestimate these kinds of things that should be decided at first.

They may seek several offers in order to buy detergents as well as brand or tag name does not matter a lot for them. But they don’t know that it is the magic of detergents that they get extreme white clothes that to be without any dirt.

Bally Chohan Laundry experts define detergents that to be used in laundry

Single dose or liquid or powdered detergents:

Liquid detergents are used to remove greasy stains from clothes while powdered ones are cheap as compared to liquid detergents and can use as per the load.gound-in dirt can be removed by using these types of powdered detergents. Single dose detergents are most expensive among all but can easily wash away dirt from your clothes.

Some powdered detergents take time to get dissolve in cold water so it’s better to dissolve it first in a cup of hot water.

Rather than these types of detergents all other detergents can be easily dissolved in cold water. It would be the best option to read the necessary information on the label on these detergents so that you can be sure about the quantities to be used.

Special detergents:

There are several detergents that are specifically works for some person like detergent for small child so that they may not get any kind of allergy, detergents with awesome fragrance.

Combined products:

And combined sample of fabric softener or bleach             with detergents